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I’m a Software Developer with wide experience as a Senior Programmer in several platforms: desktop applications, middleware, web apps, e-commerce, smart phones, video games, etc. Any related technology is of interest to me.

I consider myself a versatile and innovative professional; I am capable of carrying out research, analysis, design and development tasks. I can be both a team player and a goal-driven individual, who can work alone and complete deadlines.

I am a dedicated software professional; always looking for new challenges and interesting projects. I love my job and giving 110% every day so I can be proud of what I do.

Latest Projects

Pragmatic Versioning Open Source

A specification describing a set of rules and requirements that dictate how version identifiers must be bumped and and assigned to releases.

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Kana Memory 3D Game

This was my first published game for Android. It’s an educational memory game to learn Hiragana and Katakana (syllabic Japanese scripts). It’s open source and made with with Unity. The app was available for free on Google Play and translated into several languages.

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exceptions4c Open Source

A C library for error handling through exceptions. Among other functionalities, it lets the developer handle error signals sent by the operative system to the program (such as division by zero). It is portable and supports multi-threading.

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Other Projects

AdMobPlugin For Unity Open Source

An extension for Unity3d which allows you to place Google AdMob banners in your Android games.

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JSON-RPC For Java Open Source

A Java 2 Enterprise Edition library to invoke remote procedures over the JSON-RPC protocol from Java applications. It lets the developer to define which fields of a class must be serialized using annotations.

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J2ME File System Open Source

A Java 2 Micro Edition library which improves the RMS (Record Management System) for MIDlet developers. With J2MEFS, the data can be stored easily on microdevices, using convenient names and directory trees.

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Work Experience

Senior Programmer - JFactory (Mar 2012 – Aug 2012)

J2EE Tomcat Apache SSL Web Services REST JSON PostgreSQL Dreamweaver HTML5 CSS3

Senior Programmer - IRITEC (Feb 2011 – Feb 2012)

J2EE MySQL SQL Server PHP 5 Zend Nutch Solr Lucene Tomcat Struts Hibernate Spring Web Services SOAP HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript

Senior Programmer - CITIC (Jul 2007 – Sep 2010)

Ambient intelligence RFID Semantic web Ontologies RDF TDT MHP SmartCard J2ME C C++ Qt Python Struts Hibernate JSP J2EE PostgreSQL Web services RPC/JSON SOAP

Freelance Programmer - Neodoo Microsystems (Dec 2006 – Jun 2007)

JBoss Application Server Java Server Faces EJB3 Hibernate JBoss Seam Web Services SOAP

Senior Programmer - Electronic Data Systems (Dec 2005 – Dec 2006)

C C++ J2SE PL/SQL Shell scripting

Programmer - ACK (Mar 2004 – Jul 2004)

Linux Apache MySQL PHP

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